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Datashift Presents

The Link

May/June 2023

Blurry Gradient
8 Sectors. 4 Sessions. 3 Target Groups. 1 Opportunity
We invite you to join a valuable network of data frontrunners and data professionals.
During 4 touch points, we bring together 8 organizations that excel in data in their industry, to inspire each other and be inspired in a cross-sectoral setting. 

Present your case, gain new insights, share best practices and expand your network. Moreover, invest in your top data professionals by inviting your data leaders, data engineers and data application specialists. 

Join The Link, engage your top talents, share in experiences and connect with other frontrunners in the Belgian data landscape.
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25th of May
1st of June
15th of June
22nd of June
16:00 PM
16:45 PM
17:45 PM
18:05 PM
19:00 PM
Welcome Reception & Introduction.
Breakout rooms - Sector Case Discussion.
Breakout rooms - Sector Case Discussion.
Network Reception.
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Can I join for free?
We currently have an early bird offer of 200 EUR excl. VAT per person. In return you get four close contact moments, numerous practical insights and one very valuable network of data professionals.
Who can join The Link?
The Link primarily focuses on organizations - specifically those that are data frontrunners in their industry. In doing so, we target three audiences: Data Leaders, Data Engineers and Data Application Specialists.

Ideally, companies involve someone from each target group for all four dates, thereby investing in their top data professionals.
Where will these sessions take place?
The exact location will be communicated later, but we can already share that it will be near Leuven.
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